Philo and Gunge: You are in the presence of the all-knowing trash heap. Yeah. The trash heap knows all. The trash heap says all.      Marjory: Lets face it, boys. The trash heap is all.      Philo and Gunge: Too true!      Marjory: I am orange peels! I am coffee grounds! I am wisdom.      Gobo: Greetings, Madame Heap.     Marjory: And I know what this Fraggle has.      Philo and Gunge: Well, of course you do! Youre all-knowing.      Marjory: I know that! This young Fraggle has trouble.     Philo and Gunge: Troubles? Gobo: I am bringing you my troubles. Im sorry.      Marjory: Sorry, whats to be sorry? Troubles my favorite thing. 1717 Fraggle Rock, “Beginnings,” retrieved from here, 24:50, December 26, 2019, (accessed on September 8, 2021).