“‘Of course I know that the smoke is dangerous,’ says twenty-one-year-old Robert Ankrah, who has been working at the e-waste dump for three years. ‘But what are we meant to do? We have no jobs. Do we go out and steal, then?’ He and his friends just wanted to extract the copperthe most valuable to metal tradersfrom the cables, which can amount to one to two euros a day. This is why Ankrah, with his woolen cap and goatee, burns the rubber and plastic casing of the computer cables all day long. ‘I have nothing to complain about. Im strong, and God will take care of me,’ he says, throwing another bundle of cables into the fire.” 2424 Michael Bitala, “Im Höllenfeuer der Hightech-Welt,” Süddeutsche Zeitung, May 17, 2010, retrieved from here (accessed on September 8, 2021). Translated here by Sylee Gore.