Huge clouds can sometimes be seen rising from the cooling tower of the power plant near Leipzig. We used to jokingly tell the children that there was a cloud factory there.     This came to mind when I read the words of Bertolt Brecht: “The situation has become so complicated because the simplereproduction of realitysays less than ever about reality. A photograph of the Krupp works or the AEG reveals almost nothing about these institutions. Reality as such has slipped into the domain of the functional. The reification of human relations, the factory, for example, no longer discloses these relations.” 1414 Bertolt Brecht, “The Threepenny Lawsuit,” in Brecht on Film and Radio, ed. and trans. Marc Silberman (London: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2000), 16465.     Here, Brecht keeps the invisible elements of the present in mind.      We are now aware of the unimaginably extreme influence that industrialization has had on our climate, in the past as well as the present. Its almost impossible to picture. And photography seems entirely unable to depict the correlation between the two.