A cloud of radioactive particles has been spreading across Europe following the explosion at the Soviet nuclear plant in Chernobyl. Since the night of April 26, 1926, the particles have been dispersed in the air by wind currents, which have carried them as far as Japan. Only when it rained were the radio- active particles transferred from the atmosphere to the ground. In Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and parts of Brandenburg, it rained heavily after the nuclear disaster. Even today, thirty years down the line, only half of the radioactive isotopes Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 have decayed. Others have even longer half-lives. Radiation from Chernobyl can still be detected in Germany today.” 2121 Dagny Lüdemann, “Die Wolke,” Die Zeit, April 22, 2016, retrieved from here (accessed on September 8, 2021). Translated here by Sylee Gore.