Its been raining for over twenty- four hours. Were now essentially inside a cloud. The sky is blue and cloudless. Even on my short walk from the hotel to my makeshift workspace, the air still feels fresh.      After some time has passed, individual clouds have begun reappearing in the sky, temporarily covering the sun. The sky is a flat gray. It starts raining again.     The rain falls heavily and steadily.      The sky grows lighter. The rain subsides.      Today the cloud is as large as the castle on the mountain. Its lighter on top than it is on the bottom. The sun fails to break through the clouds.     It becomes much grayer again and starts raining.     Its raining. The gray sky is shot through with bright streaks. I still cant believe how huge the clouds look in comparison to the castle. Of course, I know that the castle is six hundred meters away. And I also know that its all an optical illusion. But Im amazed, nonetheless.